Stragility Book Launch

We had a great time talking about our Stragility book with all of you! What was your favourite part of the speech?

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Ellen on Video

Ellen tells the story of Kaiser Permanente as a powerful example of the value of addressing pain points and root causes at the Strategic Change Expert Speaker Series @Rotman


Hartford Business

Hartford Business highlights three Stragility tools:

1. Shifting through backcasting
2. Sensing PESTE (political/legal, economic, social, technological, ecological)
3. Sensing the competitive landscape

For a brief description about these tools check out the article! For the full tool see pages 34-37 in our Stragility book!


Video of Lisa

Check out Lisa at Rotman sharing stories and insights about our Stragility skill – sense and shift!


Soundview: Two Minute Mentor

Soundview featured Stragility in their Two Minute Mentor! Our approach is based on four key stragility skills, each linked to these common goals:

1. Redefining Strategy to Win
2. Building Support
3. Fostering Ownership and Accountability
4. Creating Successful Change Again and Again


Rain Symphony Event Clip

Hard to believe our book launch was a week ago today! Enjoy this clip of the rain symphony we created together. Feel free to share the inspiration and engagement with others!



Business Traveller

Awesome that Stragility is mentioned as “books you should read” in Business Traveller! #businessbooks #stragility #changemanagement


Ellen Interviewed on Women’s Leadership Success Radio

How Women Can Excel at Strategic Change Management

Do you want to know one of the biggest challenges to good leadership? It is managing change effectively. And YET, the research shows that 70% of all change initiatives – FAIL. Why is that? One of the top reasons is because it is not addressed head on, with the very people who need to implement the change.

Listen to this interview today with Ellen R. Auster and Sabrina Braham MA PCC host of Women’s Leadership Success Radio to learn how to implement successful strategic change management, transitions, transformations and turnarounds.


Summary by TD Magazine

Stragility was reviewed in the June 2016 issue of TD Magazine! Amazing to be a part of this list.

GetAbstract: Book Summary

So thrilled with this recommendation from @getAbstract! Check out their summary:

“Organizations must regularly update and transform their operations and activities or face becoming irrelevant. Yet, most transformations fail due to poorly developed or badly executed strategy, stakeholder hostility, internal political opposition, the incipient pressures that accompany any change, or a combination of these problems. To help companies maneuver through these issues, strategy experts Ellen R. Auster and Lisa Hillenbrand created the “Stragility” concept – a structured approach to implementing “strategic, agile, people-powered change.” They explain how your firm can implement Stragility’s insightful diagnostic drills and strategic practices to refine their tactics and keep pace with change. getAbstract recommends Auster and Hillenbrand’s insightful, intelligent and highly readable strategy manual to planners and executives.”